With attention to detail our tool and die makers produce some of the finest products that will make your plastics outstanding. We have been serving the plastics decorating industry for over 11 years. Our team members have over 100 years of combined tooling experience for your plastic decorating needs.

  • Silicone rubber dies
    These can be flat or contoured


  • Silicone rubber rollers
    Up to 8″ in diameter x 24″ wide
    These can be flat or contour ground


  • Silicone rubber sheets stock sizes:
    12″ x 12″
    12″ x 18″
    12″ x 24″
    16″ x 24″

    Silicone thickness can vary from .025″ to .250″
    Aluminum thickness can vary in stock sizes from .04″ up to .25″


Any thickness of aluminum can be special ordered upon request

  • Silicone Gaskets
    For food processing and sealing – FDA grade silicone


  • Magnesium Dies
    Custom-machined with 30° or 15° draft walls with a .09 relief
    This ensures that you will have a cleaner image than if you had used an etched magnesium die where the draft wall could vary and not allow the user to deboss their product correctly.


Standard thickness is .250″, but we offer other thicknesses, including .375″, .500″, .750″, and 1″

  • Brass Dies
    Standard thickness of .250″ with a .09 relief
    Special thicknesses of brass can be accommodated upon request


  • Contract Decorating on Small Orders
    1,000 pieces or less is typical



  • Die Bonding Tape
    Used for mounting dies without holes
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